Preparing Your Home to Sell

The last blog we talked about getting the exterior of the house ready for market.  Now let’s talk about getting the inside ready.  Spending a little time and money on the front end will bring you a quicker sale and probably a higher price.  Remember these two words……PAINT & CARPET!  Buyers love homes that have fresh paint and carpet.  So the message here is paint the rooms that are in need of painting and replace any old, dingy looking carpeting.

Make sure windows are washed both inside and outside.  Repair and/or replace any blinds that may need attention.  Check light bulbs in lights.  Replace any burned out bulbs.  This may sound crazy, but also make sure you clean the bulbs so they shine as brilliantly as possible.  If you have eco-friendly bulbs that take time to fully illuminate replace them with bulbs that provide instant light when turned on.

Check the grout in tubs and showers and replace if necessary.  If you are going to be removing any personal window treatments prior to selling, do that before you place your home on the market and then repair the walls accordingly if you remove any hardware.  Clean out closets as this makes them appear larger.

Now let’s go to the garage that nobody has touched in years!  I know, you don’t want to go out there.  Well, neither do your prospective buyers when it’s filled to the brim with “stuff” and looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in years.  Get rid of as much as possible, clean it and put a fresh coat of paint on it.  The garage is as important as the inside of the house.

Well that’s it for now.  Next time we’ll talk about staging the house for showings.  Thanks for visiting our blog today.  Hope you’ll come back often!

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